Friday, May 28, 2010

RWLD #4 - Due June 2 - New Tools and New Skills

You have had the opportunity to use new tools and develop new skills.  I am most excited about how most of you have been taking to blogging:
  • Some of you have posted as many as 8 times already. 
  • Some of you have been commenting on each of your classmates' postings (and yes, it DOES make a difference even if you feel that your comments might be insignificant.)   
  • Did you notice that the list of blogs in the right column are arranged by which one has the most recent posting?  There is some motivation for you to post well and post often.
Wiki Knowledge - Recently, you posted resources that supported the Distributed Learning Community characteristics. I asked you to do this because I wanted you to see that I (the teacher) don't need to be the only source for important resources to review in this class. The $64 question is:   
How many of you actually looked at the resources that you didn't post?
If you don't review those resources, how will we know which ones are the ones that should be reviewed?
This week you need to review the resources and then indicate 2 resources in each category that you believe your class members should review. Here's the process:
  2. Review the four characteristics from the Dede articles to remind yourself what they mean.
  3. Select one of the characteristics on our wiki page and review each of the resources.
  4. Place your initials after each of the 2 resources that you believe best represent needed information in the characteristics.     i.e.,    (LZ)
  5. Move to the next characteristic on our wiki page and repeat the process.
  6. Continue until you have completed all of the characteristics.
  7. NOW review the 2 top selected resources in each of the characteristics.
You have been following 4 of the recommended blogsters and at least 2 other blogs from your area of interest.  This week it is time for you to comment on what you have been finding there:
  • You may have found a common theme between a couple of these blogs.  Write about it.  Make commentary about what they are saying.  
  • If you can, link it to what one of your classmates has been saying in her/his blog.  
  • If you can, link it to what you have been reading in the Christiansen or Solomon/Schrum books. (If you cite them, you can just reference them at the end of the posting OR you can link directly to the book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble or University Book and Supply or ??)
EVERYTIME you mention one of the blogs, include a link to the posting (NOT just the blog) that you are quoting.  This is the beginning of becoming a member of the Blogosphere and this is how you will become an active member in your educational community whether you are interested in corporate training, elementary, secondary, or post secondary education.

Jump on Board, the Ride is Wonderful!!!


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