Monday, May 3, 2010

RWLD #1 - Due May 11 - The Basics

Begin by completing the ILS questionnaire below and then entering your personal information into the following surveys.

Surveys to Complete:
Watch these videos. They will hopefully provide some interesting perspectives on emerging technology throughout the ages.
  • Introducing Le Book - depicts the process that a support person might have used when books were first introduced.
  • Web 2.0 . . . The Machine is Us/ing Us - How has/is life changing in the digital age. Prof. Wesch explains this in this video. Learn what Prof. Wesch is learning about the digital age at Kansas State University.
  • The Sixth Sense - Dr. Pattie Maes shares her research into creating a wearable device that "enables new interactions between the real world and the world of data." This video is on the TED website. These are short presentations by some of the greatest minds in the world. You will enjoy exploring the TED Talks website. It will definitely replace the time you spend watching TV.
Remember to read pages 1 - 44 in the Disrupting Class book.


  1. Is it sad that I'm excited that I learned how to italicize in html from the video? I'm also excited to learn more about how we can make school more real using Web 2.0 tools. It's interesting to see that teachers have been lamenting the lack of real world application since 1898!

  2. Ok. To begin, the "Introducing Le Book" was LOL. That is just the Monty Python style of humor that I love. I am definitely sharing it with my students. Secondly, I haven't done any computer programming since 1986, so the html code lines were interesting but a bit beyond my understanding. However, I have been using Google docs and web tools all year, thus I have been utilizing an innovation I didn't even know had a name! I sure love my Google web sites. They have enabled me to become a more effective classroom teacher. And so has Google docs. Thus, I'm feeling really cool right now :)

  3. I enjoyed all the videos - but honestly, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop in the Sixth Sense video - something along the lines of "and if you want a cup of coffee, just project upon an empty cut ..." and then have virtual coffee come out. The best thing, though, was rediscovering the Ted website. There is a great video there by Adam Savage (one of the Mythbusters on Discovery Channel) about his quest regarding a DoDo bird skeleton. I had seen this video about a year ago, but was happy to see that it was on this website. It's a bit nerdy (and appeals to my tech theater side of things) but the point of his talk is great. I'm looking forward to seeing more of these presentations

  4. What great videos!!! Very informative and all ones I feel I can incorporate into my business classes and my students would enjoy!! I really enjoyed the TED website. Just when you think information is already available at the palm of your hand, it gets even closer (now at the tips of your finger tips). I enjoyed exploring the TED website and finding clips that could be used in the classroom!!! Hopefully they will help open my students' minds a little bit!!

  5. I used the first video in technology training for my staff this year. It went over very well, even with my anti-techies. It makes light humor of the huge learning curve all humans have when we are forced to step out of our box.

    The TED video was amazing! I was formerly involved with the International Center for Leadership in Education and they were unveiling similar models, but more connected to your cell phone. It is so amazing to see what the future holds for us.

  6. Carrie,
    So you worked with Daggett on the Rigor and Relevance program?
    What did you do?